Successful two rescue vessels in distress

Are caught off the coast, two fishing boats damaged when the wind tugging at level 8. Rescue vessels SAR 412 timely access, 15 fishermen were safe ashore.

The morning of 12/1, 412 SAR vessel center to coordinate search and rescue region 2 (Danang MRCC) has successfully towing two fishing vessel KH-98 568 and QNg-92101 to shore safely. 15 crew members were taken to the harbor of Mui Tan Customs Border Guards 48 (Border Guard Binh Dinh).


SAR 412 towing two vessels in distress on land to light on 12/1

Two days ago, the Search and Rescue Center received signal for help from the vessel KH-98 568 by Mr. Nguyen Van Bi (Tuy An, Phu Yen Province) as captain. At that time, the ship with eight crew members, broken down near the Paracel Islands. 412 SAR approach, ships in distress have gone to Tri Ton island near the coast (Spratly Islands).

On towage S-98 568 in the bank, SAR 412 the rescue QNg-92101 (7 crew) broken gearbox, floating freely in the sea level gust 8, ways of detecting ships KH-98 568 of 100 nautical miles.

Captain QNg-92101 Nguyen Van SIN said train crash on 6/1. By the next morning all contact with coastal Nha Trang information thanks to the rescue.