Environment Management 

Environmental management is environment protection. It is a concern of the society and also of the business. Environmental management in enterprises is to balance the goal of socio-economic development with the goal to keep the environment intact. In this field, the SEN’s team of experienced consultants is ready to provide consultancy services and help clients with appropriate tools and measures to protect the environment as well as complete corporate social responsibility. The environmental management consulting services provided by SEN are as following:

  • Environmental Survey and Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring and Reporting
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Effective Environmental Management for Enterprise
  • Environmental Technology

Environmental Survey and Assessment

SEN provides independent environmental consultants, who are able to carry out with high objectivity and fidelity required Environmental Survey and Assessment for plants and factories. In Vietnam ,SEN has been a confidential partner of AECOM and ARCADIS – world’s leading environmental consulting companies. SEN has been carried out independent environmental survey and assess the baseline environment for investment projects such as the power plant project in Thanh Hoa, two electronic factories in Dong Nai, a chemical plant in Bac Giang, an electronic factory in Bac Giang, an optical equipment factory in Hanoi.


Periodic Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

According to regulations, businesses need to perform monitoring and assessment of the environment and also the labor environment in their units. As an independent consultant SEN always carry out with objectively and fidelity the environment monitoring, assessment and reporting environmental performance regularly for business as required. SEN environmental consultant will survey the ambient air conditions, microclimate, water and waste and suggest solutions that help businesses ensure current environmental standards.

SEN has provided regularly Environmental Monitoring Service to PTSC Phu My Port. SEN has provided professional and reliable consultancy service for clients in the Oil & gas industry. SEN has carried out a number of offshore working environment surveys for different oil fields such as Dai Hung, Rang Dong, Ca Ngu Vang, Ruby and also other production facilities onshore.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

SEN provides services to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Commitment of Environmental Protection (CoEP) and Environmental protection schemes for investment projects and supports clients in other environmental legal procedures.

SEN environmental consultants will implement project data collection and perform the survey on natural environment and socio economic conditions , assesses the environmental impacts according to standard methods, delivers consultancy on environmental protection solutions; supports for competent authority’s approval of EIA.

SEN has conducted a number of Environmental Impact Assessment for investment projects in Vietnam such as for Agri CJ, BIOFEED and Niemen Tehtatt.

Tu van xây dung he thong

Effective Environmental Management for Enterprise

SEN delivers consultancy on developing cleaner production processes, set up procedure for material saving, energy saving, solid waste management, solid waste collection and recycling.

In additional, SEN are able to provide clients consultancy service in developing procedures for ISO 14001, ISO 500001.


Environmental Technology

In order to keep the effective performance of environmental protection facilities, enterprises require the professional consultancy services of environmental technology experts. The SEN environmental engineering consultants are able to deliver consultancy for optimal technology solutions with determination of investment cost, inspect the current status of equipments, design of technology process, supervision on technical equipment installation and assessment on equipment supplier’s ability.